Kyler Greer

3D Modeler West Kelowna, Canada

A student just graduated from the Center for Arts and Technology in Kelowna, trying to get a job as a professional 3D Modeller and Environment artist.

2013 - Completed 3D Game Animation Diploma
Centre for Arts and Technology

  • Worked in simulated industry environment
  • Learned valuable skills for the industry

2013 - Tutor
Centre for Arts and Technology

  • Requested to help newer struggling students
  • Instructor requested to use my work as a teaching tool for his classes

2013 - Game Tester

  • Gave suggestions to improve game
  • Suggestions later incorporated into the final game

2011 - Scholarship Winner
Centre for Arts and Technology

  • By winning Skills Canada competition vs 8 other regional contestants

2011 - 2nd place Winner
Skills Canada Provincial level 3D Animation

  • Won 1st place in the regionals to compete
  • Given 3 hours to model and animate a scene