Private Investigator’s Office

My final project to show my skills as a 3D modeller.

Establishing Shot

The Library

Wireframe A

Grandfather Clock Face

Big Clock Face

Gears A

Gears B

Wireframe B

Close and Personal

An overview of the Clock Piece. One of my favorite objects in the room, as well as the first piece I made. This was the first time I ever tried a 3D model by myself from scratch.

A close up of the clock face. I got the texture from the Astronomical clock in Prague. I thought it was an interesting and colorful clock that would be perfect for this piece.

Inside the chest of the clock.

Close up on the base of the clock.

Clock Platform


My final project to show my skills as a 3D modeller.

Planning done in Photoshop, Autodesk Sketchbook and AutoCAD, modelled in Maya, UVed in Maya and UV Layout, textures made with Photoshop, lighting and rendering done in Maya Mental Ray, composited in After Effects, video put together with Premiere.

Music by Emancipator
Sound Effects by Nintendo
Many base textures and images found on Google Images and heavily edited in Photoshop