Life Drawing

20 min practicing shading and form

5min ea experimenting with chalk and shading

5min quick sketch

5min quick sketch

7min concentrating on torso mostly

20min practicing shading and form

10 min experimenting with shading

5 min quick sketch

10 min practicing form and experimenting with shading

20 mon experimenting with shading and pastels

10 min ea. playing with forced perspective, practicing feet

10 min ea. forced perspective

10 min ea. practicing shading

10min ea. practicing anatomy

10 min ea. experimenting with pastels. Apologies for light colors

1 min ea. experimenting with blocking in gestures

10 min practicing anatomy

15 min practicing shading

15 min muscle structure study

10 min shading and cloth study

20 min shading and cloth study with pastels

20 min shading and cloth study in pastels

20 min cloth and folds study in pastels

15 min anatomy study, practicing shading

20 min creative study. He's a tree. :D

10 min creative study using only straight lines

Water Colour Shading. First time using paints.

More Water Colour Shading. 20 min to draw and paint.

Water Colours / Felt Pen. 20 min total

Hands and Feet Pencil / Watercolor. I did not quite finish in the 15 min time period

Experiment using lots of different colours. Pencil / Watercolor. 20 min total

First time using pastels on black paper. Interesting result. 15 min total

Skeleton Study

More skeleton study

Muscle practice.

More muscle practice

More muscle practice. Very, very helpful when drawing people.

Arm and leg muscle study

Shading practice

A hand.

More hand practice

More hand practice.

Foot bones study

More foot bones study (Rear).

More foot bones study (Side).

Various practice

Cloth practice

More cloth practice

Various short sketches

Some 10 min drawings with some shading.

An earlier drawing when I was first learning anatomy. Good for showing my progression...

More cloth study. This is a stool with a sheet thrown over it.

More cloth study

More cloth study. A sheet twisted up.

More cloth studies.

A strange study drawing and shading with only straight lines. A girl with an umbrella.

My first attempt painting with ink.

Drawing with my non-dominant hand. turned out better than expected.

First attempt using chalk. 10 min total.

More chalk practice.

Some gesture drawings. 1 min each.

More gesture drawings. 1 min each.

More gesture drawings. 1 min each.

A short drawing with my non-dominant hand.

A portrait. Practicing with chalk and faces simultaneously.

20 minute drawing with chalk. Practicing basic form and shading with 3 distinct colours.

10 minute form and shading practice.

15 min form and shading practice

Practice with muscles again. Drawn in purple pencil crayon.

Cloth and form practice.

I included this because I think it's hilarious.

Some practice with legs.

Some shading practice.

Practice drawing different body sizes.

More practice with different body sizes.

More practice with different body sizes.

More practice with different body sizes.

Head and face practice.

An anatomy study.

More anatomy study

Some practice with hands.