UDK Pier Map WIP

The first building. The player would be entering the map from the bottom left on the dirt path.

Some storage crates

Inside of the first building. There is an office on the top floor and storage on the bottom

Roof area between the first building and the second. There is a storage crate here to allow the player access up or down.

A shot of the boats. The water is appearing incandescent here. I am working on fixing this issue.

A lived in hobo home in one of the crates on the boat. This is a player path if you go over the boats to get through the level.

The cabin on the first boat.

Crane on the first building.

Office on in the top floor of the second building.

Looking out over the water

There is a second area up on the hills.

Far side of the lake.

The third building on the end of the pier.

Basement floor of one of the buildings. Storage here.

Some crates stacked on the upper area by the hills. This section is not very populated yet.

A back view of the 3rd and 4th buildings.

Overlooking the pier from the upper section.

Looking out from the 5th building. These are the stacked crates from earlier.

Inside the 4th building overlooking the pier.

The two boats

The tower on the 5th building and a mountain peak in the distance.

A different angle of the tower. It will probably be a bell tower and maybe a church in the future.

The cabin on the second boat. There is a plank of wood connecting the two.

A view of the pier from the end of the boat.

A ship off in the distance. From the front of the first boat.

A shipwreck at the bottom of the harbor.


My first attempt at using Unreal Engine. My goal was to create a map that would be usable as a level in a FPS style game. There are multiple ‘routes’ to get through the map from one end to the other. It was designed to be solved in multiple ways. My inspirations for this level came from Half-Life and Fallout 3.